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Vumetric is 100% Dedicated to Cybersecurity

The name “Vumetric” comes from a combination of the words “Vulnerability” and “Metric”, the foundation of what we aim to provide, as we help our customers identify and prioritize their vulnerabilities and risks.

Vumetric is a global provider of penetration testing and cybersecurity services. Serving clients across numerous industries from small businesses to large enterprises, Vumetric’s innovative and leading-edge information security solutions helps organizations safeguard sensitive data and eases the burdens associated with information security. Vumetric’s internal Quality Management System (QMS) is based on ISO 9001:2015 framework and is internally reviewed on an annual basis.

Our Core Values

Having a great corporate culture and a great team chemistry contributes to the productivity of our team and creates an atmosphere conducive to collaboration for our team members.


All of our specialists adhere to a professional code of conduct and believe in a healthy work environment in order to thrive in all of their projects.


Our projects are based around the value generated for your company, which means we always aim to provide quality projects to deliver a great return on your investment. Vumetric is the first Canadian company to formally certify its penetration testing practices to the ISO9001 standard.


All of our employees are subject to a thorough background check and vetted to ensure that the confidentiality of our clients' information is respected.

Our Offices

Clients Testimonials

Our Mission


We invest a significant amount in research and development to deliver the best results and to find new ways to solve challenges in our highly specialized industry.

Cybersecurity Roadmap

Leverage Our Expertise

Our specialists have acquired expertise across various industries and technological contexts, providing the expertise required to offer solutions adapted to your reality.


We work directly in collaboration with your staff to help them reach their objectives and limit any potential impact of our services on their usual business operations.

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