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Security Questionnaire Compliance

Our security questionnaire compliance services allow you to meet the requirements of your clients and partners with minimal overhead.
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What Are Security Questionnaires?

Business relationships with third-party vendors are now essential to increase opportunities for growth, but they also increase opportunities for cyberattacks. A study by Gartner finds that, in 2019, 60% of organizations work with more than 1,000 third parties and those networks are only expected to grow. This fast growth in third-party relationships has led to the development of various standards, such as ISO27001, SOC or internal security questionnaires imposed by organizations as a requirement for partnership. This allows vendors to hold their partners accountable when it comes to their cybersecurity and limits the risks of an incident that could potentially affect them.

Our Security Questionnaire Compliance Services

Questionnaire requirements come in all types and vary widely according to your business reality. Our services enable you to comply with various security standards and requirements to demonstrate to your business partners that your security risks are adequately managed. Whether it’s for a complete security audit of your company, a penetration test of one of your strategic applications/network or a security road map, our team of experts will assist you during the various stages of compliance.
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Common Requirements of Security Questionnaires

Perform recurring penetration tests

Document security policies

Perform risk assessments

Create incident response procedures

Define security responsibilities

Document security processes

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