Cybersecurity for
the Healthcare Industry and Social Services

Protect your critical data • Secure your medical equipment
Protect the sensitive data of your staff, your patients and your providers and secure your medical equipment from disruptive cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity Solutions for Healthcare and Social Services

As patient care systems become increasingly dependent on internal networks to function, cyber attacks in the healthcare industry are progressively becoming more widespread. Modern hackers seek to disrupt operations by gaining access to your vulnerable systems connected to the internet which allows them to infect other internal systems that are crucial for patient care. These attackers will attempt to compromise any confidential information and infect networks with damaging attacks such as ransomware in order to completely lock the use of any systems on the network, allowing them to demand a sum to be paid for the systems/data to be unlocked. To make matters worse, healthcare providers are often stuck with legacy systems which have been integrated alongside new technologies, providing a greater risk of being affected by a cyber attack which spreads across other vulnerable systems.

The risks, however, extend beyond the safety of patients. While technological innovations are allowing medical practitioners to access medical records efficiently from any devices, the risks for the patient’s personal data to be compromised has increased significantly.

Questions to assess your cybersecurity

  • Is your sensitive data accessible from external systems ?
  • How often do you evaluate the safety of your equipments ?
  • Do you have mechanisms to prevent disruptive attacks ?
  • How often do you make backup copies ?
  • Do you have an incident response procedure ?
  • Securing medical equipment from interruptions.
  • Integrating new technologies into existing systems.
  • Maintaining data availability for practitioners
  • Securing confidential patient information.
  • Educate employees about cybersecurity risks.

Cybersecurity challenges faced by the healthcare industry

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