Cybersecurity for
the Finance and Insurance Industry

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Mitigate your cybersecurity risks and protect your customer data with the help of our services adapted to the financial & insurance industry.

Cybersecurity for the Finance and the Insurance Industry

Financial institutions are facing increasingly complex challenges to secure their valuable data from cyber attacks. These organizations hold a large volume of critical customer information, banking records and stock trading algorithms which makes them a primary target for modern cybercriminals. From web applications becoming more complicated – to mobile apps/websites constantly changing to replace legacy systems and offering a wider range of features – to online transactions becoming much more prevalent, the need to test your cybersecurity measures has become a necessity to mitigate the risks of a cyber attack.

According to a White Paper published last year by The Identity Theft Resource Center, “75% of surveyed financial organizations said they did not have a formal cybersecurity incident response plan across their organization” – Which leaves them exposed to a damaging breach that can potentially spread across all systems and cause irreversible damage to both their reputation and infrastructure.

Questions to assess your cybersecurity

  • Do you have an incident response procedure ?
  • Do you have mechanisms aiming to prevent cyberattacks ?
  • Are your payment systems PCI-DSS compliant ?
  • Is your critical data accessible from other internal systems ?
  • How often do you perform a security audit ?
  • Is your staff educated towards cybersecurity risks ?
  • Ensure the security of applications on all devices.
  • Secure a growing and fragmented infrastructure.
  • Maintain the availability of services in the event of a cyberattack.
  • Securing a large volume of critical financial information.
  • Minimize the financial and reputational impact of an incident.
  • Integrate new technologies into existing systems.

Cybersecurity challenges faced by the finance and insurance industry.

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