Microsoft Faces Wormable, Critical RCE Bug & 6 Zero-Days

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Microsoft has addressed a total of 97 security vulnerabilities in its January 2022 Patch Tuesday update – nine of them rated critical – including six that are listed as publicly known zero-days.

The fixes cover a swath of the computing giant’s portfolio, including: Microsoft Windows and Windows Components, Microsoft Edge, Exchange Server, Microsoft Office and Office Components, SharePoint Server,.

Another interesting critical-rated RCE issue is CVE-2022-21840 in Microsoft Office, which, importantly, does not yet have a patch for Office 2019 for Mac and Microsoft Office LTSC for Mac 2021.

“Most Office-related RCE bugs are important-severity since they require user interaction and often have warning dialogs, too,” said Childs, noting that the Preview Pane is not the attack vector.

Microsoft also patched CVE-2022-21846 – a critical RCE bug in Microsoft Exchange Server reported by the National Security Agency, which is listed as “Exploitation more likely”.

“Attackers could use these remote code execution vulnerabilities to deploy and execute code on a target system. This can allow attackers to easily take full control of the system as well as create a base of operations within the network to spread to other systems. Common and widespread vulnerabilities like these are critical for attackers trying to steal corporate data or infiltrating sensitive systems. It is important for organizations to patch and remediate within the 72 hour window to minimize exposure.”

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