Cybersecurity Predictions: Consumers will continue experiencing the great disappearance of identity | Vumetric

Consumers will continue experiencing the great disappearance of identity. Previously, consumers’ identity was managed through traditional means: a password and username login. Now, no one has the time or energy (or patience) to deal with the deluge of logins. That means users will begin to transfer the responsibility of identification to businesses. We’ll start seeing developing technologies such as biometrics and behavioral identification running invisibly in the background to verify a customer without being overt. As this trend continues, identity management will become more secure, but less visible to the consumer. There will be some friction around this in the beginning, especially with older users, as some customers will initially think the lack of gates mean their information is open to just anyone. Businesses will be tasked with providing assurances of safety to the customer while also improving background security

Matt Ulery, Chief Product Officer
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