Cybersecurity Predictions: In 2020, business email compromise will continue to rise | Vumetric

In 2020, business email compromise will continue to rise because of a confluence of three events: 1) More password dumps are hitting the market, resulting in more email/password combinations (or crackable hashes) being available to bad actors. 2) Credential-stuffing techniques have gotten more prolific and sophisticated because attackers have realized that password re-use (with small variations) is still the predominant user practice, as password-generators and password managers haven’t yet taken off in the market. 3) The primary targets of cred-stuffing campaigns are the major cloud email providers like Gmail, O365 and Yahoo, especially on older accounts with POP/IMAP enabled, because those services do not correctly rate-limit or lock accounts with too many failed password attempts

Kevin O’Brien, CEO
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