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Cybersecurity Resources

Various cybersecurity resources to learn more about the industry, the latest trends and to better manage your risks.

Articles to Help Manage Your Cybersecurity Risks

From industry trends to recommended best practices, read it here first.

How WordPress Gets Hacked and How to Prevent

How WordPress Sites Get Hacked And Fixes to Prevent it

WordPress sites get hacked on a regular basis, as it is by far the most …

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How to secure a wordpress site

How to Secure a WordPress Site (Beginner Version)

According to WordFence, there are 90,000 attacks a minute on WordPress websites. Although the platform …

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How to secure active directory from hackers

How to Secure Active Directory from Common Attacks

Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) is ubiquitous among organizations and is a common target for hackers. …

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Cybersecurity Statistics

Cyberattacks are responsible for 48% of all data breaches

Source: IBM

A 667% increase in phishing attacks was recorded only in one month during the COVID-19 pandemic

Source: Barracuda Networks

2019 saw a 13% increase in Windows malware detections on business endpoints globally

Source: MalwareBytes