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méthodologies de test d'intrusion

Top 5 Penetration Testing Methodologies and Standards

Penetration tests can deliver widely different results depending on which standards and methodologies they leverage. Updated penetration testing standards and methodologies provide a viable option for companies who need to secure their systems and fix their cybersecurity vulnerabilities. In this article, we’ll go over five recognized penetration testing methodologies and standards that will guarantee a

penetration testing report

5 Items You Should Find in a Penetration Testing Report

What Items Should You Find in a Penetration Testing Report? Before committing to a penetration test, companies should ensure that the services will provide actionable results for a sound return on investment. With that said, a penetration testing report must include the following 5 elements to ensure a success: 1. The Executive Summary The executive

Top Penetration Testing Certifications

Top 8 Penetration Testing Certifications Your Provider Should Hold

The steady rise in the number of cybersecurity breaches among global entities like Facebook equates to massive data losses. Such violations have increased the importance of hiring a company with certified experts to assess your security. Companies looking to employ specialists to test their security often measure commitment to quality and excellence using certifications. We

Questions to Ask Your Penetration Testing Provider

10 Questions to Ask Your Penetration Testing Provider

You know that penetration testing is an important part of ensuring the security of your organization, allowing you to protect vital customer information and to secure your systems from attackers. Choosing the right penetration tester, therefore, is of critical importance. You want a penetration tester who will uncover critical vulnerabilities in your system and provide

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