Canadian National Defence Contract for Automobile Cyber Security

Vumetric was selected by the department of National Defence to perform tests and security audits for different types of vehicles. The  800, 000$ contract, which was obtained in partnership with NSim Technologies of Quebec City , focused on motor vehicle cyber security by analyzing communication systems between vehicles and examining possible IT security countermeasures.

Motor vehicles are more interconnected than ever before through wired and wireless communication interfaces. A car manufactured in 2014 can carry up to 100 computers (MCE) that run 60 million lines of code and manage 145 actuators and 75 sensors.

Over the last three years, the hacking community has repeatedly shown that it is possible to compromise the IT security in vehicles.

Cyber attacks that target IT property such as personal computers and servers generally lead to immaterial damage such as information loss or theft, financial loss and theft as well as the disruption of activities. In the case of a vehicles systems, the situation can be even more worrisome because the passengers’ safety — as well that of others on the road — is at stake.

This project had garnered national attention form the media:

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