Vumetric offers non-profit organizations its philanthropic program "Securing our Foundations". We allow foundations to benefit from our cybersecurity expertise by offering them an annual external penetration test at no cost.

Over the last few years, nonprofit organizations have seen a steady  rise in the number of cyber attacks. In addition to incurring exorbitant costs and financial losses, these targeted  attacks have had direct repercussions on the image and reputation of these organizations.

Our Securing our Foundations  program aims to proactively prevent these types of incidents by offering a Free Penetration Test.

The test is performed by experienced professionals and will help your organization identify and correct any weaknesses in its web based applications. You will receive a report detailing any potential vulnerabilities as well a list of recommendations on how to fix them.

When executing these type of tests,  the experts at Vumetric  apply the same high quality standards and methods as our commercial services.  

With dozens of organizations benefiting from our IT security program annually, Vumetric is proud to contribute to the growth and cyber security of foundations serving in our community.

If you are involved in a non-profit organization that may profit from our program, please do not hesitate to mention it to your appointed representative or consultant!

Porgramme Philanthropique de test d'intrusion sans frais

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Control the risks of integrating transport and technology.

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Protect sensitive data from your staff and patients.

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Keep control over the safety of your connected processes and equipment.


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Improve your cybersecurity and meet regulatory requirements.


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