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Municipal and Public Services Cybersecurity

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municipal cybersecurity
municipal cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Solutions for the Public Sector and Municipal Industry

Following the rise of hacktivism, municipal organizations and public services are facing increasingly complex challenges to secure their assets from cyber attacks. Modern hackers seek to disrupt critical infrastructure and operations depending heavily on the internet or internal networks to function, as well as compromise confidential information in order to sell them on the Dark Web. These attackers will aim for any weak point in your systems to gain access to other critical systems/databases, which is why it’s become such a necessity to regularly assess the security of all of your operations to identify and correct your vulnerabilities before a damaging cyberattack spreads to all your systems.

Questions to assess your cybersecurity

  • Do you have an incident response procedure ?
  • How often do you perform a security audit ?
  • Are your sensitive databases adequately secured ?
  • Do you have mechanisms aiming to prevent disruptive attacks ?
  • Protect sensitive data from leaks.
  • Educate employees about cybersecurity risks.
  • Protect yourself from malicious actors internally.
  • Prevent attacks aiming to disrupt the availability of the services.
  • Integrate new technologies into existing systems.

Cybersecurity challenges faced by the municipal industry.

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