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In the past few years, the transport industry has been undergoing a significant evolution of its supply chain with the introduction of automated systems/applications connected to the internet or other internal systems. It is often assumed that these systems are secure, as they are not always directly connected to the internet, but this assumption has been proven to be completely wrong.


Attackers will often gain access to these systems through another weak entry point in your system/network/cloud which allows them to affect other internal systems, directly impacting your productivity. This fast evolution of the technology used to manage and maintain the supply chain often leaves vulnerabilities open and unknown to the development team. Hence the importance of regularly testing the security of your systems, whether they are a new integration or an older system that was previously assumed to be secure.

Common Cybersecurity Challenges Faced by the Transport Industry

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Maintaining technology innovations secure while also keeping up with the latest technologies to improve the efficiency of the infrastructure and compete with competitors.

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Securing Technological Innovations integrated with legacy systems.

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Protecting the valuable personal data of the clients and customers.

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Securing the supply chain from disruptive attacks.

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Maintaining continuity and availability of the service at all time - on all devices.

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The Impact of a Cyberattack in the Transport Industry

Even large companies in the transport industry are affected by risks of cyber attacks. The repercussions of a breach in the Transport Industry can result in serious damage to the supply chain, a lot of which can be irreversible.


TNT Express (FedEx Subsidiary)

is still recovering nearly two years after a damaging cyber attack which cost over $300m in direct losses. The intrusion of the "Ransomware" occurred via an infected update of a tax software used internally. The incident disrupted operations for several days and forced TNT to return to manual operations for nearly a month.


Delta Airline (American Airline)

Delta Airline was recently hit by a serious data breach which compromised the payment information over 9 million passengers. The incident occurred through a simple malware which infected a third-party chat service used by the Airline to communicate internally.

These incidents prove the importance of regularly assessing the security of all your systems. A minor security breach can result in hundreds of millions in fines or direct losses to the Business, as it provides an entry point for hackers to exploit all your other systems.

Quick Assessment of your Cybersecurity with 6 Questions

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Do you have a procedure to respond to incidents in the event of a breach?

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Is your payment processing system PCI-DSS compliant?

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How often are Penetration Tests performed on your systems?

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Are there any systems able to identify and remediate to threats that bypass the security?

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What systems are in place to mitigate internal cyber attacks?

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How are cybersecurity risks in the supply chain managed?

If you could not confidently answer most of these questions, we recommend re-evaluating your systems and procedures in place to mitigate the eventuality of a cyber threat and testing the security of your applications/networks to identify your risks of being affected by a damaging cyber attack.

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