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Secure your Company with our Specialized Cybersecurity Services

Obtenez des recommandations concrètes pour sécuriser les TI de votre Entreprise.

  • Prevent Cyberattacks
  • Protect your Company's assets
  • Maintain the trust of your customers
  • Protect the reputation of your Business
  • Comply with PCI, SOC and other requirements

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Our Specialized Cybersecurity Services

Our services are designed to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Penetration Tests & Security Audits

Test your networks, systems and applications to identify and correct your vulnerabilities

Team Conformity


Document best practices and comply with customer requirements.

Test d'Hameçonage en Cybersécurité


Measure and reinforce the level of awareness of your employees.

Cloud Security


Get expert support for your AWS and Azure security projects.

Certified Experts


Assess your security status and get prioritized recommendations.

Impartial Cybersecurity Team

Security Services

Outsource some or all of your cybersecurity operations.

Clients Testimonials

Professional Reports

At the end of the penetration testing project, a precise and easy to understand report will be provided and presented to you. This executive report will include findings and recommendations in clear and concise language, tailored for the managers and technical stakeholders. Our reports contain practical action items to enhance your security, correct the discovered vulnerabilities and reduce cybersecurity risks for your company.

Professional Penetration Testing Report

Pourquoi Choisir Vumetric Pour Votre Projet ?

Chez Vumetric, nous comprenons qu’il est difficile de choisir un fournisseur de sécurité. Voici quelques-unes des raisons qui nous démarque de la concurrence.

Our Professional Certifications in Cybersecurity

Here are some of the professional cybersecurity certifications held by our specialists

Cybersecurity Certification
Cybersecurity Certification CISSP
Cybersecurity Certification
Penetration Tester Cybersecurity Certification
Cybersecurity Certification
Cybersecurity Certification
Cybersecurity Certification
Penetration Test Certification

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