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IoT Security
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Penetration Testing • Security Audit • IoT Security

Identify and fix exploitable security vulnerabilities within your connected objects and your smart devices.
iot penetration testing
iot penetration testing

Cybersecurity of IoT Equipment and Smart Devices

Objects around you are becoming more connected and communicating, exchanging data with other devices, and downloading it over the Internet to improve the performance of your operations and business. Despite the new security challenges they represent, the number of IoT devices present in organizations is gradually increasing. Given their rapid growth and uncertainty about the security challenges associated with these devices, many companies are facing new, potentially critical, security vulnerabilities that are largely unknown.

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the security risks associated with the use and configuration of IoT devices in a variety of contexts, specific to each device and tailored to your industry. Our IoT penetration tests include IoT mobile applications, cloud APIs, communication and protocols, as well as integrated systems and embedded firmware.

Our IoT Penetration Testing Services

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IoT Mobile

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Vumetric, Leader in Cybersecurity

Vumetric is an ISO9001 certified company offering penetration testing, security auditing and specialized cybersecurity services. We bring proven best practices to every project and have delivered our services across five continents. Our clients include S&P 500 companies, SMEs and government agencies.
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At the conclusion of the project, a detailed report which contains the identified vulnerabilities and the recommendations to correct them will be provided and presented to you. The report also includes an executive summary that provides a clear and concise overview of the overall state of your security as well as actionable recommendations to improve your Cybersecurity.
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