PCI-DSS Penetration Testing & Compliance

Penetration tests to comply with the PCI-DSS regulatory compliance performed by experienced professionals using recognized standards.

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PCI-DSS Regulatory Compliance

A recurring security assessment of your systems and processes is one of the key controls mandated by PCI-DSS for card data protection. Requirement 11 of the standard emphasizes the need for organizations to perform internal and external penetration test at least once a year or following any major infrastructure changes.

Our penetration testing services help you meet PCI-DSS requirements by identifying vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Our PCI tests will reveal real opportunities that hackers could use to compromise payment terminals, payment software, firewalls, and so on.

Our PCI-DSS Penetration Testing Services

Network Infrastructure Penetration Testing for PCI Compliance

Internal/External Network
Penetration Testing

Our network penetration tests identify vulnerabilities within equipment and servers accessible from the Internet, as well as internal security risks.



Our vulnerability scans validate the security of your systems regularly and help you meet the requirements for the PCI standard.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Our application penetration tests rely on manual and automated testing techniques to identify vulnerabilities in the most diverse applications.

Penetration Tests that comply with the PCI-DSS requirements.

PCI DSS Requirement

Meet the 6.1 requirement by establishing a process to identify security vulnerabilities in your internal and external applications, by using reputable outside sources for security vulnerability information, and assign a risk ranking (for example, as ‘high,’ ‘medium,’ or ‘low’) to newly discovered security vulnerabilities.

PCI DSS Requirement

In order to fulfill the 6.2 requirement, you must ensure that all software and system components are protected from known vulnerabilities by installing the applicable security patches provided by the supplier. You must install the patches within the first month following their release.

PCI DSS Requirement 11.3.1

The 11.3.1 requirement requires the realization of external penetration tests at least once a year and after any significant changes or upgrades to the infrastructure / application (for example, upgrading the system, adding a subnet or web server to the environment, etc.).

PCI DSS Requirement 11.3.2

The 11.3.2 requirement requires the completion of internal penetration tests at least once a year and after any change or upgrade significant infrastructure or the application (for example, upgrade of the operating system or adding a subnet or web server in the environment).

PCI DSS Requirement 11.3.3

The 11.3.3 requirement mandates that the vulnerabilities found during the tests are corrected and that additional testing are be performed until the vulnerabilities have been corrected.

PCI DSS Requirement 11.3.4

If segmentation is used to isolate the CDE from other networks, the 11.3.4 requirement mandates a penetration test at less once a year and following modification of the methods / controls of segmentation to verify that the Segmentation methods are operational and effective.

Vumetric, a Leader in Cybersecurity

Vumetric is an ISO 9001 certified company offering penetration testing, security auditing and specialized cybersecurity services. Our clients include S&P 500 companies, SMEs and government agencies.

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Team Conformity

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of the identified vulnerabilities.

Best Practices in Application Security

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Penetration Testing Report

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Manual Penetration Testing

Validate the efficiency
of your security mechanisms.

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