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Be proactive, find and correct your vulnerabilities before being a victim of a security incident!

  • Prevent Cyberattacks
  • Prevent Interruptions of Service
  • Maintain the trust of your customers
  • Protect the reputation of your company
  • Comply with PCI, SOC and other requirements
  • Obtain concrete and actionable recommendations

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Our Penetration Testing Services

Our Penetration Tests can be performed from different perspectives and target several types of components.
Our services are designed to meet the specific needs of any organization.

External Network / Internet

External Network Penetration Test

Penetration Test of your External, Public Facing Network Infrastructure. Simulate an attacker located outside your security perimeter.

Firewall, VPN, DNS, Proxy, FTP, etc.

Internal Network / LAN

Internal Network Penetration Testing

Penetration Test of your Internal Network Infrastructure. Simulates an internal attacker, such as a malicious employee or a malicious business partner.

VLAN, Active Directory, File Servers, Network Sharing, etc.

Websites / Web Apps / SaaS / API

Web and Mobile App Code Review

Penetration Testing of your Websites and Web Applications. OWASP Methodology, SQL Injection, XSS, Application Logic Flaws, etc.

Java, PHP, .NET, Angular, React, Vue, Python, Ruby, WordPress, Joomla, Typo3, REST, XML, SOAP, JSON, Ajax, etc.

Cloud Infrastructure

Penetration Testing of your Cloud Infrastructure and Configurations. Validations based on best security practices.

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, etc.

Mobile Applications (Android / iOS)

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Identifies vulnerabilities in your Android and Apple iOS Mobile Apps. OWASP methodology, SQL injection, application logic flaws, etc.

Java, Objective-C, REST, XML, API, etc.

Industrial Systems SCADA / ICS / IOT

SCADA Penetration Testing Services

Security Testing of your Networks and Industrial Systems. Aims to determine the security level of your SCADA, ICS and IOT critical systems.

Industrial Network, Segmentation IT/OT, PLC,  IOT, RTU, HMI, etc.

Why Partner with Vumetric ?

Professional Report

At the conclusion of the project, a detailed report which contains the vulnerabilities and the recommendations to correct them will be provided and presented to you.

The report also includes an executive summary that provides a clear and concise overview of the overall state of your security as well as actionable recommendations to improve your Cybersecurity.

Our Professional Cybersecurity Certifications

Here are some of the Professional Cybersecurity Certifications held by our specialists.

Cybersecurity Certification
Cybersecurity Certification CISSP
Cybersecurity Certification
Penetration Tester Cybersecurity Certification
Cybersecurity Certification
Cybersecurity Certification
Cybersecurity Certification
Cybersecurity Certification

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