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Security Audits performed
by Certified Experts using
renowned Standards

Be proactive, find and fix your vulnerabilities
before Cybercriminals exploit them!

  • Prevent Cyberattacks
  • Avoid Interruptions of Service
  • Maintain the trust of your customers
  • Protect the reputation of your company
  • Obtain concrete technical recommendations
  • Comply with PCI, SOC and other requirements

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Security Audits offered by Vumetric

Our Security Audits can be performed from various perspectives and target several types of components.
Our services are designed to meet the specific needs of any organization.

External Network Penetration Test

External Network
Security Auditing

Security Audit of your network infrastructure performed from the Internet. Simulate an attacker located outside your security perimeter.

Web and Mobile App Code Review

Websites / Web Applications Security Auditing

Security Auditing within your Websites and Web Applications. OWASP Methodology, SQL injection, XSS, Application Logic Flaws, etc.

Internal Network Penetration Testing

Internal Network
Security Auditing

Security Audit of your internal network infrastructure. Simulates an internal attacker, such as a malicious employee or a malicious business partner.

Vumetric, Leader in Cybersecurity

Vumetric is an ISO 9001 Canadian Company offering specialized cybersecurity services, penetration testing services and security auditing services. Our clients include S&P 500 companies, SMEs and government agencies. We have delivered our services across five continents, bringing proven best practices to every project.

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Why Choose Vumetric For Your Security Auditing Project?

Here are some of the main points that distinguish us from the competition.

Professional Report

At the conclusion of the tests, a detailed report with the details of the vulnerabilities identified and the recommendations to correct them will be given to you and presented.

The report also includes an executive summary that provides a clear and concise overview of the overall state of your security as well as strategic and tactical level recommendations for improving overall security.

Cybersecurity Services Adapted To Your Industry

We have performed cybersecurity projects in a wide variety of business sectors


Finance & Insurance

Improve your cybersecurity and meet regulatory requirements

Cybersecurity Industry


Protect your intellectual property, your systems and your sensitive data

Manufacturing Industry Cybersecurity


Stay in control of the security of your processes and equipment

Government and Public Sector Cybersecurity


Ensure your Cybersecurity while respecting your budgetary and administrative constraints

Cybersecurity Industry


Control security risks related to transportation and technology integration

Cybersecurity Industry


Protect the personal information of your patients & employees and secure your medical equipment

Our Professional Cybersecurity Certifications

Here are some of the Professional Cybersecurity Certifications held by our specialists.

Cybersecurity Certification
Cybersecurity Certification CISSP
Cybersecurity Certification
Penetration Tester Cybersecurity Certification
Cybersecurity Certification
Cybersecurity Certification
Cybersecurity Certification
Cybersecurity Certification

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