Managed Security Services in Cybersecurity

Cut down on IT Security costs, complete your teams and monitor your Cybersecurity continuously.

Our Managed Security Services

Continuous monitoring of your organization’s exposure to outside threats and risks.
Here is a preview of our IT security outsourcing services:


Product monitoring and security fixes

Targeted monitoring of infrastructure software and components based on security fix publications.

Cybersecurity Management Services

Vulnerability management

We perform routine system sweeps to identify external threats and expose potential vulnerabilities.

Threat Monitoring

We monitor more than 1300 individual data points to inform you of any threat and risk that may affect the state of your IT security.

Test d'Intrusion Personalisé

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

We deploy and monitor specialized probes at different key points of your IT infrastructure to detect and prevent intrusions.

SIEM Management Services

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Solutions

We collect, monitor and archive event logs for major components of your IT infrastructure.

Services en Cybersécurité

Application Firewall

We install and monitor Application Firewalls ( WAF) to detect and prevent intrusions on your strategic web applications.

Active and Continuous Threat Protection

Benefit from outsourcing your IT security operations.

Integrated Security Services

Real time threat detection and response.


Key regulatory compliance controls.

Experts en Cybersécurité


Direct access to cyber security experts.


Get the most out of your investment.

Cybersecurity Services


New threats are regularly identified by our dedicated team of researchers.

Cybersecurity Services

Proprietary platform

Patented technologies for improved and autonomous IT security.

Cybersecurity Services

Big Data

Visualize threats more effectively with cutting edge security analysis tools

Big Picture

Monthly reporting of the threats and risks affecting your organization.

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Managed Security Services?

Renowned security standards

Here are some of the key standards on which our Managed Security Services are supported

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Cybersecurity Services Adapted to Your Industry

We have performed cybersecurity projects in a wide variety of business sectors.

Finance & Insurance

Improve your cybersecurity and meet regulatory requirements


Protect your intellectual property, your systems and your sensitive data


Stay in control of the security of your processes and equipment


Ensure your Cybersecurity while respecting your budgetary and administrative constraints


Control security risks related to transportation and technology integration


Protect the personal information of your patients and employees

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