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Penetration Testing
& IT Security Audits

Identify your IT Security vulnerabilities and get practical recommendations to fix them.
penetration testing & it security audit
penetration testing & it security audit

Our Penetration Testing and IT Security Audit Services

Penetration Tests and Security Audits can be performed from various perspectives and target several types of components.
Our services are designed to meet the specific needs of any organization.

External Network / Internet

external network penetration testing

Security Testing of your external, Public Facing Network Infrastructure. Simulate an attacker located outside your security perimeter.

Firewall, VPN, DNS, Proxy, FTP, etc.

Websites / Web Apps / SaaS / API

web application security

Penetration Testing of your Websites and Web Applications. OWASP Methodology, SQL injection, XSS, Application Logic Flaws, etc.

Java, PHP, .NET, Angular, React, Python, Ruby, WordPress, Typo3, etc.

Internal Network / LAN

technology cybersecurity

Penetration Testing of your Internal Network Infrastructure. Simulates an internal attacker, such as a malicious employee or a malicious business partner.

VLAN, Active Directory, servers, network sharing, etc.

Cloud Infrastructure

cloud cybersecurity

Security Audit of your Cloud Infrastructure and Configurations. Validations based on best security practices.

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Cloud (AWS), Google Cloud, etc.

Mobile Applications (Android / iOS)

ios and android application security

Security audit of your Android and Apple iOS Mobile Apps. OWASP Methodology, SQL Injection, Application Logic Flaws, source code review etc.

Java, Objective-C, REST, XML, API, etc.

Industrial Systems (SCADA / ICS / IOT)

scada / ics cybersecurity

Security audit of your Networks and Industrial Systems. Aims to determine the security level of your SCADA, ICS and IOT critical systems.

Industrial networks, Segmentation IT/OT, PLC,  IoT, HMI, etc.

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Why Should You Perform a Penetration Test or a Security Audit?

In an effort to counter the increasing frequency and complexity of cyberattacks, an evergrowing amount of companies are performing ongoing penetration tests as part of their IT security plan.

Here are a few of the benefits of a penetration test / security audit:
  • Protecting your organization's assets and reputation by avoiding the financial losses and adverse publicity related to a major security incident.
  • Complying strict regulatory requirements such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, etc.
  • Obtaining the peace of mind knowing that your systems are protected against cybercriminals, cyberharassment, cyberattacks, internal threats, and malware.
  • Identifying potential security vulnerabilities and getting practical recommendations to fix them.
  • Getting an independent opinion on the security controls in place and the industry best practices.
  • Avoiding law violations and avoid eventual penalties associated with security incidents.
  • Educating your organization to the importance of properly managing security risks.

Professional Quality Reports

At the conclusion of the project, a detailed report which contains the identified vulnerabilities and the recommendations to correct them will be provided and presented to you. The report also includes an executive summary that provides a clear and concise overview of the overall state of your security as well as actionable recommendations to improve your Cybersecurity.
Professional Penetration Testing Report

Our Certifications

Our Technological Expertise

We have performed penetration tests and it security audits of environments based on the most varied technologies.
Here is a shortlist of the technologies for which we have carried out numerous projects.

Cybersecurity Expertise
Cybersecurity Expertise
Cybersecurity Expertise
Cybersecurity Expertise
ruby on rails pentration testing
Cybersecurity Expertise
Cybersecurity Expertise
python penetration testing
oracle penetration testing
wordpress penetration testing
magento cybersecurity
aws penetration testing
azure penetration testing
google cloud penetration testing
ibm cloud penetration testing
joomla penetration testing
Cybersecurity Expertise
smartcontract penetration testing
infosys finacle penetration testing
Cybersecurity Expertise
meteor penetration testing
forgerock penetration testing
sap penetration testing
active directory penetration testing
sharepoint penetration testing
drupal penetration testing
mongo db penetration testing
Cybersecurity Expertise
nosql penetration testing

More Information About our Penetration Tests / Security Audits

Upon completion of the project, a detailed report which contains the following information will be provided and presented to you:

  • An Executive Summary which contains the vulnerabilities identified over the course of the test.
  • Identified Vulnerability Details which includes technical specifications of the vulnerabilities.
  • Actionable Recommendations for the identified vulnerabilities.
  • Support References to facilitate the implementation of our recommendations.
  • Annexed Information detailing complementary technical information.
  • Methodology used during the project to diagnose the vulnerabilities.

Our Penetration Testing and Security Auditing methodologies are based on the industry’s best practices and on the vast experience our experts have gained over the course of hundreds of projects. Here are some of the standards we refer to during our tests:

  • LPT (Licensed Penetration Tester methodology from EC-Council)
  • OSSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual)
  • OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project)
  • ISSAF (Information Systems Security Assessment Framework)
  • WASC-TC (Web Application Security Consortium Threat Classification)
  • PTF (Penetration Testing Framework)
  • OISSG (Information Systems Security Assessment Framework)
  • NIST SP800-115 (Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment)
  1. Planning We work with your team to determine the applications, systems and critical networks to include in the scope of the test.
  2. Testing Our experts carry out penetration tests by implementing a wide range of methods which include potential target listing, program logic analysis, automated sweep tests, and sophisticated attack scenarios.
  3. Reports We maintain open communication with your organization to inform you of any critical flaws and present you with a detailed report of vulnerabilities and recommendations.
  4. Post-test We present the findings of the test/security audit and offer you support, as well as specific advice for implementing the recommendations and fixes to improve your security.
  • How long does a penetration test project last? The time required to successfully execute a penetration test depends on the scope and type of test. To minimize the impact on your daily operations, we ensure that tests are aligned with your schedule and expectations.
  • What can you expect in terms of costs? The cost is determined by an array of factors: type of test, the scope of the project, number of systems and applications concerned as well as test phases.
  • Is it possible to plan a second test phase after fixes and recommendations have been implemented? Absolutely! Our team of experts will remain available to execute further test phases to verify fixes and patches following the implementations.

Tell us About Your Needs

You will be contacted by a specialist, not a sales representative.

A specialist will reach out in order to:

  • Understand your needs and objectives
  • Determine the scope of your project
  • Provide an overview of the budget
  • Send you a detailed proposal
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