Perform a penetration test or a security audit of your systems and applications

Types of tests and security audits

 IT security tests can be executed from different perspectives and target many types of systems, applications, and components. Our solutions are designed to effortlessly adapt and be personalized to any organization's requirements.

Network penetration test

Network Penetration Test

Identifies internal and external network vulnerabilities tied to the infrastructure and the components of your network.

  • External Networks 
  • Internal Networks
  • Network Architecture / Segmentation 
  • Wireless Network Architecture
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Security Solutions (Pare feu, VPN, IDS, SIEM, Proxy)
  • Virtualization Environment (VMware, Xen, Hyper-V)

Mobile device app penetration testing

Application Penetration Test

Identifies major application security flaws and spots unsecure development practices. 

  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Sites
  •  Web / API Services
  • Source code audit
  • Threat modeling

ondemand custom penetration and security testing

Personalized Penetration Test

Complete range of tests that adapt to your organization's specific IT security requirements.

  • Operating Systems
  • ICS/SCADA Systems
  • Databases
  • ERP systems
  • Mobile devices
  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • VoIP Phone Systems
  • Phishing campaigns

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Why do a penetration test ?

In an effort to counter the increasing frequency and complexity of cyberattacks, more and more companies are performing ongoing penetration tests as part of their IT security plan. Here are a few of the benefits :

  • Protect your organization's assets and reputation by avoiding the financial losses and adverse publicity related to a major security incident.
  • Meet strict regulatory requirements such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001, etc.
  • Obtain the peace of mind knowing that your systems are protected against cybercriminals, cyberharassment, cyberattacks, internal threats, and malware.
  • Improve your cybersecurity strength by identifying weaknesses and proactively fixing them.
  • Get an independent opinion on the state of your organization's cybersecurity practices.
  • Avoid law violations and potentially costly fines by complying with PCI, SOC, and other requirements.
  • Make your organization aware of the importance of a risk management plan.

Why Choose Vumetric for your Penetration Test Project ?

Choosing the right provider for your penetration test can determine the success or failure of your project. Vumetric is an industry leader. Hundreds of organizations have trusted us for their Cybersecurity projects. Here's why:

  • Experience & Reputation

    Our approach has been used in thousands of penetration testing and security auditing projects.
  • Certified Experts

    Our experts hold the most renowned certifications:  GWAPT, GPEN, OSCP, CEH, CISSP, CISA, etc.
  • Proven Approach

    Our tests rely on recognized best practices and industry standards, PCI-DSS, OSSTMM, OWASP, NIST, etc.
  • Compliance

    Our tests are performed in accordance with key industry standards and guidelines (PCI-DSS, CVE, CVSS, etc.).
  • Impartiality

    Vumetric does not resell any cybersecurity solutions such as firewalls, antivirus, and more.
  • No Outsourcing

    We never use subcontracting to carry out our projects.
  • Professional Reports

    Our professional grade reports provide your organization with practical solutions for identified vulnerabilities.
  • In-Depth Testing

    Combining specialized tools and professional manual testing, our experts can go deeper than any automated sweep ever can.
  • Ethics

    Our consultants adhere to a strict code of professional ethics.

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More information about our penetration tests and security audits

Here is some additional information about our penetration test, security audit and ethical piracy projects.

Reports and deliverables

Upon completion of our tests, you will be presented with a detailed report containing the following information :

  • An Executive Summary containing the main findings of the test / audit
  • Identified Vulnerability Details, which includes technical specifications of the findings
  • Recommendations and fixes for the diagnosed vulnerabilities
  • Support References to facilitate the implementation of our recommended security measures
  • Annexed Information detailing complementary technical specifics
  • Methodology employed during the test period to diagnose the vulnerabilities
Frequently asked questions

Our Expertise

Here are a few of the technologies used during our penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, security audits, code reviews, and architecture security projects.

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