Cybersecurity for the
Energy Industry

Protect your critical installations from disruptive attacks aiming at interrupting the continuity of your supply chain.

Why Cybersecurity is Important for the Energy Industry

Following the introduction of automated supply chains in energy facilities, the risks and severity of cyberattacks have increased drastically. Critical systems controlling energy production systems are a prime target for hackers constantly looking for a weak entry point into one of your public-facing systems to affect the productivity of your facilities. Due to the constant technological evolution of these automated processes, vulnerabilities are generally unknown and left aside by development teams, focusing mainly on the optimization of technological innovations. This is why assessing the security of the supply chain has become essential to mitigate the risks.
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56% of American energy companies faced a cybersecurity incident in 2019

Energy Industry Cybersecurity

Only 31% of energy companies believe they are ready to face cyber threats

How Vumetric Helps Companies in the Energy Industry

Our services have helped improve the cybersecurity of energy organizations of all types, from oil transformation companies to electricity providers. Here’s how we helped:

Penetration Testing Process

We help you prevent disruptive attacks

With the help of a penetration test, we simulate a real hacking scenario to identify your vulnerabilities and to provide evidence of what hackers could accomplish.

We help you fix your vulnerabilities

We prioritize your vulnerabilities based on their risk level and provide recommendations supported by external references to help you fix them.

360 Cybersecurity Audit

We assess your supply chain's cybersecurity

We audit your automated processes, industrial devices and networks to validate that they are well segmented and to uncover how they could be compromised.

Pentest Report Presentation

We support your IT security operations

We help you develop a cybersecurity roadmap with measures that deliver a return on your investment according to the efforts required vs. their improvement.

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Cybersecurity Resources Regarding The Energy Industry

in 2017, over 30% of incidents in the energy industry involved phishing as a vector of attack

Reference: E-ISAC

Energy companies invest below 0.2% of their revenue in cybersecurity

Reference: Bloomberg

Only 31% of organizations in the Energy industry believe to be ready to respond to a cybersecurity incident

Reference: Ponemon Institute
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Questions to Assess Your Cybersecurity

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Challenges faced by the Energy industry


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