Cybersecurity for the
Healthcare Industry

Protect the sensitive data of your staff, your patients, your providers and secure your medical equipment from disruptive cyberattacks.

Why Cybersecurity is Crucial for Healthcare Organizations

Patient care systems have become increasingly dependent on smart devices to function, causing cyberattacks in the healthcare industry to become more widespread. Hackers seek to disrupt operations by gaining access to vulnerable systems connected to the internet, allowing them to infect other internal systems that are crucial for patient care with damaging attacks such as ransomware. Healthcare providers are often stuck with medical devices that depend on outdated operating systems to function, providing a greater risk of being affected by a cyberattack.

“ 2020 marks the first death directly linked to a cyberattack. The ransomware attack disrupted access to critical systems and delayed time-sensitive patient care. ”

Big Data

The healthcare industry faced 304 large data breaches in 2019


The industry spends 50% to 75% less on cybersecurity than other industries

How Vumetric Helps Healthcare Providers

Our services have helped improve the cybersecurity of healthcare providers of all types. From hospitals, medical device providers to doctor associations. Here’s how we helped:

Penetration Testing Process

We help you prevent damaging attacks

With the help of a penetration test, we simulate a real hacking scenario to identify your vulnerabilities and to provide evidence of what hackers could accomplish.

We help you fix your vulnerabilities

We prioritize your vulnerabilities based on their risk level and provide recommendations supported by external references to help you fix them.

IoT Penetration Testing

We audit your medical devices

No matter the purpose of your smart medical device, we perform various scenarios of attack to determine how they could be compromised by attackers.

Pentest Report Presentation

We support your IT security operations

We help you develop a detailed roadmap so you plan and prioritize cybersecurity investments according to the efforts required vs. the protection they provide.

Want to know how we could help your organization?

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Resources For The Healthcare Industry

More than 66% of healthcare organizations experienced a ransomware attack in 2019

Source: VMWare

Cloud-based cyber attacks increased by 630% during the pandemic

Government agencies saw a 20% increase in cybersecuriy incidents in May 2020

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Questions to Assess Your Cybersecurity

Blue Shield

Challenges faced by the Healthcare industry


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