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Cybersecurity for the
Manufacturing Industry

Control risks tied to the integration of technologies in your operations and supply chain with the help of your Cybersecurity services.

Cybersecurity Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

As the industry is moving towards a Digital Supply Chain (commonly known as Industry 4.0), the risks and the severity of a cyber attack are growing exponentially. These automated systems controlling the supply chain are often assumed to be secure, as they have no direct connection to the internet, but this has proven to be a misconception.

Modern hackers seek to find a weak entry point in one of your Internet-facing systems/networks/clouds/applications which allows them to gain acces to and infect other internal systems, affecting the productivity of your production line – in some cases even halting the production completely. Due to the constant technological evolution of the supply chain, vulnerabilities are often left open and unknown to the development team, whose focus is mainly on improving features and optimizing technological innovations. This is why it is fundamental to regularly test your industrial systems, as well as your internet-facing systems and applications to identify and correct your vulnerabilities before an attacker exploits them.

Questions to Assess Your Cybersecurity

  • Do you have an incident response procedure ?
  • How often do you make backup copies ?
  • Do you have mechanisms to prevent disruptive attacks ?
  • Are your automated systems accessible from other systems ?
  • How often do you perform a security audit of your systems ?
  • Is your staff properly educated towards cybersecurity risks ?

Challenges faced by the Manufacturing industry

  • Securing the production chain from disruptive attacks.
  • Identifying and fixing ICS / SCADA system vulnerabilities.
  • Maintaining the continuity of production following a cyberattack.
  • Ensuring the security of systems while improving their efficiency.
  • Protect intellectual property from industrial espionage.
  • Mitigate risks throughout the production chain.

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