Cybersecurity for
Public Services and Municipalities

Protect your sensitive data, secure your public services and your critical infrastructure from hackers.

Why Cybersecurity is Important for Municipalities

With the rise of hacktivism, government agencies and public sector organizations are facing increasingly complex challenges to secure their assets from cyberattacks. Cybercriminals, often state-funded, seek to disrupt critical infrastructure and operations depending heavily on the internet or internal networks to function. They also attempt to compromise confidential information, national secrets or critical intelligence. These attackers will aim for any weak point in your systems to gain access to other critical systems/databases, which is why it’s become such a necessity to regularly audit all of your operations to identify every way in which you could be compromised.

“In 2019, many local governments in the United States were forced to declare a state of emergency due to damaging cyberattacks.”

Impartial Cybersecurity Team

38% of all malicious actors and attackers are state-sponsored

Dark Web Audit

Canadian local governments saw a 20% increase in cyberattacks in May 2020

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Questions to Assess Your Cybersecurity

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Challenges faced by Public Services & Municipalities

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