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The external network is the part of your organization that is accessible from the internet. This includes cloud-based assets such as web servers, email servers, and VPN gateways. Our external network penetration testing service simulates real-world attacks by attempting to breach your organization from the public internet.

Internal infrastructure refers to the network and systems within your organization that support your operations. These typically include on-premise systems, such as file servers, databases, workstations, and internal applications. During an internal infrastructure test, we aim to assess your organization's vulnerability to insider attacks or attackers who have gained access to your network.

Web applications are the primary interface between your organization and its customers, often containing sensitive data and critical functionality. These applications can be hosted on-premises or in cloud environments. Our Web App Pentests aim to identify and mitigate any vulnerabilities currently present in both the app and the underlying hosting infrastructure.

Mobile applications are crucial touchpoints for user interaction and business functionality. These apps often handle sensitive user data and critical processes. In a Mobile Application Penetration Test, we focus on assessing the security of your mobile apps, identifying complex vulnerabilities that would be used to compromise the application and the users data.

API security testing focuses on the publicly accessible interfaces that drive your business operations. Our API security testing aims to protect your organization from modern threats by assessing the security of APIs, including the validation of authentication mechanisms such as OAuth, Authy, JSON Web Tokens, and more, to ensure robust defense against potential cyberattacks.

Cloud penetration testing evaluates the security of cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and services. This includes assets hosted in cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Our cloud penetration tests evaluate your environment from an attacker's perspective, identifying and exploiting any vulnerabilities that could be used to breach your infrastructure.

Phishing Simulation Assessments target your organization's human element by testing employee awareness and responsiveness to simulated phishing attacks. Our Phishing Tests assess your employees' ability to recognize and handle deceptive emails and other communication methods, strengthening your organization's overall defense against social engineering threats.

As a provider 100% dedicated to delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity assessments, our expertise is adapted to your specific security needs:

  • Medical Device Penetration Testing
  • Smart IoT Device Penetration Testing
  • Mainframe Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Network Penetration Testing
  • SCADA / ICS Penetration Testing
  • Thick Client Penetration Testing
  • Application Source Code Review
  • Red / Purple Teaming Simulation
  • Ransomware Readiness Audit
  • Remote Work Security Audit

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