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Penetration Testing

Our application penetration testing services identify and fix insecure development practices, as well as exploitable vulnerabilities in your web and mobile apps.
Vumetric is an industry leader in the field of application penetration testing, identifying vulnerabilities across various programming languages, frameworks and technology stacks. From dynamic applications depending on cloud environments to applications leveraging a traditional 3-tier infrastructure, our specialists have helped secure hundreds of applications in a variety of contexts.
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Manual vs. Automated Testing

Automated vulnerability scanners are unable to detect vulnerabilities within the logic and specific behavior of a Web application. An experienced specialist understands the context of the application and will be able to determine how vulnerabilities might be the target of a scenario of exploitation. These vulnerabilities are usually not detected by automated tools that are mostly used to highlight common configuration errors, missing updates, and so on. 

Here are some high/critical vulnerabilities that only manual pentests can help you fix.

Application logic flaws

Authorization bypass

Privilege escalation

Non-authenticated access

Insufficient session expiration

Session management flaws

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