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Our security audits identify and fix your security vulnerabilities to prevent their exploitation by hackers.
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What is a Security Audit?

Security audits are designed to identify and fix cybersecurity vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit in a company’s applications, systems and networks by replicating the same techniques used by attackers. With the constant increase in cyberattacks and the rapid adoption of technologies in all industries, performing security audits on a regular basis is an essential component of an efficient cybersecurity strategy. It is also one of the primary security control mandated by regulatory standards such as ISO27001, SOC 2 and PCI-DSS.

Our Security Audit Services

Our expertise has successfully delivered results across various industries and technologies.
External Network Penetration Testing

External Network
Security Audit

Audit the security of your external, public facing network infrastructure. Simulates an attacker located outside your security perimeter.
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Cloud Penetration Testing

Cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.)
Security Audit

Audit the security of your Cloud infrastructure and configurations. Validations based on security best practices.
Audit Your Cloud Security →

Internal Network Penetration Testing

Internal Network
Security Audit

Audit the security of your internal network Infrastructure. Simulates an internal attacker, such as a malicious business partner or employee.
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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile App (Android / iOS)
Security Audit

Audit the security of your mobile applications. Based on the OWASP Mobile Top 10. Server-side testing, session management, etc.
Audit Your Application's Security →

Web Application Security Audit

Website / Web App / Saas /
API Security Audit

Audit the security of your websites and web applications. OWASP methodology, SQL injection, XSS, application logic flaws, etc.
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Scada Penetration Testing

Industrial (SCADA / ICS / IOT)
Security Audit

Audit the security of your industrial systems and networks. Aims to determine the security level of your SCADA, ICS and IoT critical systems.
Audit Your SCADA Security →

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Vumetric, Leader in Security Auditing

Vumetric is an ISO9001 certified security audit provider trusted by S&P 500 companies, SMEs and governments. We strive to be the leaders in our industry by promoting standards, best practices and raising cybersecurity awareness.

Professional Reports With Actionable Recommendations

Get prioritized steps to fix any identified security gaps, from critical to low-risk vulnerabilities.
Executive summary

Executive summary presenting the main findings, recommendations and risk management implications in a clear non-technical language.

Vulnerabilities listing prioritized by risk

List of all identified vulnerabilities prioritized by risk level, according to potential impact and ease of exploitation by an attacker.

Vulnerabilities details and recommendations

Technical details required to properly understand and replicate each vulnerability (e.g.: screenshots, HTTP requests/responses, etc.). Recommendations to mitigate and fix the identified vulnerabilities


At the end of the project, you will be provided with an attestation certifying that penetration tests have been performed by experienced professionals using recognized methodologies and standards. This document will allow you to meet compliance and regulatory reporting requirements efficiently and with minimal overhead.

Penetration Testing Report

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