Statistics: The GDPR fines totaled $63 million in its first year | Vumetric

The GDPR fines totaled $63 million in its first year


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More Cybersecurity Trends and Statistics

Ransomware Statistics
Ransomware damage total costs will rise to $11.5 billion in 2019

Reference: Cybersecurity Ventures

Cryptocurrency cybersecurity statistics
Cryptocrime cost legit cryptocurrency exchanges around $1 billion in losses in 2018

Reference: ChainAnalysis

Cyber crime statistics
Cybercrime is far more profitable versus the combined operations of drug trafficking worldwide

Reference: Cisco

Cybersecurity Staff and Antivirus Statistics
71% of polled companies did not have a formal patching policy

Reference: CIRA

Email Phishing Statistics Cybersecurity
In 2017, spear-phishing emails were the most widely used infection vector, employed by 71% of those groups that staged cyberattacks

Reference: Symantec

Web cybersecurity statistics
Digital ad fraud caused businesses $19 billion in losses in 2018, around $51 million every day

Reference: AdWeek

Prevent Ransomware statistics
Worldwide ransomware damage costs are projected to increase to $11.5 billion for 2019 and reach $20 billion by 2021

Reference: Cybersecurity Ventures

Data Statistics
21% of all files are not protected in any way

Reference: Varonis

Microsoft Office Cybersecurity Statistics
MalwareMicrosoft Office
Microsoft Office formats such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel are the most prevalent group of malicious file extensions at 38%

Reference: Cisco

Equifax Statistics
The Equifax breach cost the company over $4 billion in total

Reference: Time Magazine

Cybersecurity Vulnerability Statistics
81% of business leaders says the rising use of technologies introduces vulnerabilities faster than they can be secured

Reference: Ponemon Institute

Data Protection Statistics
Cyber ThreatData
Only 5% of companies’ folders are properly protected, on average

Reference: Varonis

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