Statistics: Uber tried to pay off hackers to delete the stolen data of 57 million users and keep the breach quiet | Vumetric

Uber tried to pay off hackers to delete the stolen data of 57 million users and keep the breach quiet

Reference: Bloomberg

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More Cybersecurity Trends and Statistics

Email Phishing Statistics Cybersecurity
Cyber ThreatPhishing
Smaller organizations (1-250 employees) have the highest targeted malicious email rate at 1 in 323

Reference: Symantec

Prevent Ransomware statistics
WannaCry ransomware attack cost the National Health Service (NHS) over $100 million

Reference: Datto

Cyber crime statistics
Cybercrime is far more profitable versus the combined operations of drug trafficking worldwide

Reference: Cisco

Antivirus Statistics
Anti-virusCyber Threat
Malicious PowerShell scripts blocked in 2018 on the endpoint increased 1,000%

Reference: Symantec

application cybersecurity statistics
ApplicationsCyber Threat
The app categories with the most cybersecurity risks are lifestyle apps, accounting for 27% of malicious apps. Music and audio apps account for 20%

Reference: Symantec

Cryptocurrency cybersecurity statistics
Cryptocurrency prices dropped by almost 90% in 2018 mainly due in part to the increase in cryptojacking

Reference: Symantec

application cybersecurity statistics
59% of transportation security professionals said that cloud infrastructure and mobile devices are among the most challenging to defend against attacks

Reference: CISCO

Supply chain manufacturing cybersecurity statistics
Supply chain attacks were up 78% in 2019

Reference: Symantec

Cyber crime statistics
Canada is third among countries with the most data breach incidents

Reference: CIRA

Healthcare Cybersecurity Statistics
Healthcare had the highest data breach costs at $429 per record

Reference: IBM

Web cybersecurity statistics
Digital ad fraud caused businesses $19 billion in losses in 2018, around $51 million every day

Reference: AdWeek

Email Phishing Statistics Cybersecurity
62% of businesses experienced phishing and social engineering attacks in 2018

Reference: Cybint Solutions

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