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Protect your Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) with Vumetric’s API security testing services. Find and fix vulnerabilities in authentication, data management, and encryption in your APIs. Adhere to OWASP API Security Top 10 standards to safeguard against data breaches in your API-based applications, including both web and mobile platforms. 

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What is API security testing?

API Security Testing is a thorough process where we meticulously evaluate your APIs. This testing is crucial because APIs, which allow different software applications to communicate with each other, can be prime targets for cyberattacks. If an API is compromised, it can lead to severe consequences such as data breaches, unauthorized data access, and other security incidents. During this process, we closely examine various aspects of your APIs, including authentication, authorization, data handling, and error handling. 

What sets Vumetric apart is our dual approach combining automated scans with expert manual analysis. Vumetric utilizes advanced automated scanning tools to quickly identify known vulnerabilities and configuration issues in the APIs. These tools can efficiently scan large amounts of code and identify potential weaknesses. 

Alongside automated scans, Vumetric employs expert cybersecurity analysts to conduct manual testing. This approach allows for the identification of complex issues that automated tools might miss. Manual analysis includes techniques like penetration testing, where analysts simulate attacks to test the API’s resilience.  

This ensures a deep and detailed assessment of your API’s security, crucial for robust protection and compliance with key standards like OWASP. 

Evolving Security Landscape

Why Should You Perform API security testing?

  • Ubiquitous API Integration: APIs are now fundamental in global systems, making their security crucial for linking different technologies safely. 
  • Advanced Threat Tactics: Cyber attackers are constantly refining their methods, targeting APIs with increasingly sophisticated techniques, necessitating advanced security responses. 
  • Regulatory Dynamics: We continuously adapt to evolving data protection laws like GDPR and HIPAA to ensure API compliance and avoid penalties. 
  • Microservices Architecture: The rise in microservices, with each having its own APIs, introduces complex security challenges, increasing the points of vulnerability. 
  • API-specific Vulnerabilities: We focus on addressing risks unique to APIs, such as endpoint exposure and injection attacks, through targeted security strategies. 
  • Digital Transformation Pressure: The rapid shift to digital operations escalates API reliance and associated risks, requiring swift and robust security measures. 
SaaS Cybersecurity Risks
Enhanced Security and Compliance

How Does API Security Testing Secure My Web Services?

  • Robust API Defense and Compliance: Strengthening your APIs against cyber threats while ensuring compliance with standards like PCI-DSS and GDPR. 
  • Data Protection: Safeguarding sensitive data transmitted through APIs to reduce the risk of breaches and security incidents. 
  • Expert Recommendations: Providing access to Vumetric’s specialized API security knowledge for improved security strategies. 
  • Technical Insights: Offering deeper insights into API vulnerabilities and security aspects for better understanding and response. 
  • Customized Security Roadmap: Creating a tailored plan for enhancing your API security posture with the latest techniques. 
  • Innovative Practices and Learning: Applying advanced security practices and enabling continuous learning and improvement in API security management. 
Authentication, Data Handling, Error Management

What Will be Assessed During API Security Testing?

  • Authentication & Authorization: Verifying secure access control mechanisms. 
  • Data Validation & Processing: Ensuring proper handling of user-supplied data. 
  • Error Handling & Logging: Checking for adequate error reporting and logging. 
  • Encryption & Security Protocols: Evaluation of data encryption in transit. 
  • Rate Limiting & Throttling: Assessing measures against DoS attacks. 
  • Third-Party Integration Security: Reviewing security of external API connections. 
New 'HTTP/2 Rapid Reset' zero-day attack breaks DDoS records

Key Benefits of API Security Testing

API security testing is a critical component of a comprehensive cybersecurity risk management strategy. Here are the key benefits:

Streamlined API Operations

Enhancing the efficiency and performance of your API ecosystem

Reliability in API Interactions

Ensuring dependable and uninterrupted API services

Reduced Downtime

Minimizing the risk of API-related outages or performance issues

Competitive Edge

Gaining a market advantage through superior API security

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Innovation Safeguarding

Protecting the integrity of your innovative API-driven projects

Market Reputation

Strengthening customer trust and enhancing your brand's reputation for prioritizing API security

OWASP Top 10 API Vulnerabilities

Our API Penetration Testing combines both automatic and in-depth manual testing techniques. We use OWASP’s API security standard as a baseline for our testing methodology in order to identify vulnerabilities unique to each API.

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Our API Security Testing Methodology

Our API security testing approach is based on manual techniques and goes beyond a typical scan, allowing you to identify complex vulnerabilities present in modern APIs. Here is a breakdown of our approach divided into three distinct types of tests:

Security Assessment

Our experts validate that your API meets various security requirements. For instance, authorization parameters and data access conditions are assessed to determine how the API handles permissions.

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Penetration Testing

We attempt to breach your API by circumventing user privileges and bypassing authentication functions to identify technical vulnerabilities that allow hackers to further infiltrate your systems.


Using various attack methods commonly deployed by hackers, we manipulate API requests and parameters to identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited to compromise your security.


API Security Testing FAQ

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Vumetric's testing methods are designed to be non-disruptive. Plus, testing is coordinated with your team to ensure smooth operation. 

  • Annually: It is recommended to conduct testing at least once a year. 
  • Major Updates: Testing should align with significant updates to your API. 
  • Compliance Audits: Coordinate testing with compliance audit schedules. 
  • Post-Incident: Conduct testing after any security incidents to ensure robustness. 

API security testing is an essential component of any API development process. By proactively testing for vulnerabilities, you can ensure that your API is safe and secure against real-world hacking scenarios. Our methodology leverages the OWASP API Security Testing Guide to identify a wide range of vulnerabilities in modern APIs. In addition to industry standards, we cover various types of exploits commonly used by hackers to breach your API, including: 

  • Parameter Tampering 
  • Fuzz Testing 
  • Endpoint Authorization 
  • XSS Attack (Cross-Site Scripting) 
  • Command Injection 
  • Endpoint Authentication 
  • CSRF Attack (Cross-Site Request Forgery) 
  • Man-in-the-Middle Attack 

Vumetric provides reports that are easy to understand and actionable. The team is available for further discussions and clarifications as needed. 

Our testing process is designed to adapt to different API technologies and architectures, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of your API’s security.

  1. RESTful APIs: The most common API architecture that uses HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) and follows standard conventions for resource access.
  2. SOAP APIs: XML-based APIs that use a predefined contract (WSDL) to define the structure and semantics of requests and responses.
  3. GraphQL APIs: A query language and runtime for APIs that enables more flexible data retrieval and manipulation.
  4. JSON-RPC and XML-RPC: Remote procedure call (RPC) APIs that use JSON or XML, respectively, for encoding the request and response data.
  5. gRPC APIs: High-performance APIs built on the Protocol Buffers serialization format and the HTTP/2 protocol.
  6. Custom APIs: APIs that follow proprietary protocols or conventions specific to a particular application or organization.

Why Choose Vumetric For API Security Testing?

Vumetric is an ISO9001-certified boutique provider entirely dedicated to pen test, with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Our methodologies are proven and our understanding of cybersecurity risks is extensive, allowing us to provide clear advice to our clients that is pragmatic, adapted to their needs and efficient in securing against any malicious attacker.

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Leading Penetration
testing methodology

Our testing methodologies are based on industry best practices and standards.


Our team of certified penetration testers conducts more than 400 pentest projects annually.

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We provide quality reports with actionable recommendations to fix identified vulnerabilities.


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