Industrial cybersecurity

Industrial / SCADA Penetration Testing Services

Our SCADA penetration testing services identify and fix real-world opportunities for hackers to infiltrate your centralized SCADA systems and networks to disrupt your production lines.

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What is ICS / SCADA Penetration Testing?

 ICS / SCADA penetration testing is a type of assessment designed to identify and fix vulnerabilities in industrial systems or devices that could be exploited by an attacker by simulating the same techniques used by hackers. These control systems represent the nervous system of today’s supply chain and their increasing complexity comes with a new set of cybersecurity risks. Our services allow you to determine how your industrial networks and devices could be hacked, providing actionable and tailored recommendations to secure your installations from cyberattacks.

Our ICS / SCADA Penetration Testing Services

In order to secure critical installations for manufacturing organizations, our experts have developed the most comprehensive penetration testing services for industrial control systems and smart grids.

Penetration Testing

Test your SCADA's security.

Penetration Testing

Test the security of your IT / OT.

Industrial Control System
Cybersecurity Assessment

Assess the security of your ICS systems.

Security Audit

Assess your firewall configurations.

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