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The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Penetration Testing (2023 Edition)

As more and more organizations integrate technologies into their business operations, cybercrime has become a significant threat to businesses of all sizes …

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cybersecurity planning for businesses
Enterprise Security

Expert Guide To Solid Cybersecurity Planning For Businesses

Cybersecurity planning for businesses is crucial to have the plan to protect your data and respond if something goes wrong. This expert …

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cyberattacks caused by human error
Security Incidents

Top 5 Cyberattacks Caused By Human Error

In the business world, cyberattacks are always a threat. But sometimes, the attacks come from within, as employees unknowingly cause data security …

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cybersecurity risk management
Enterprise Security

What Is Cybersecurity Risk Management?

Cybersecurity risk management is identifying, assessing, and managing cybersecurity risks to an organization’s information assets. Organizations can protect their data and systems …

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common cybersecurity vulnerabilities
Security Awareness

Most Common Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

While it’s impossible to avoid all cyber threats, there are several common vulnerabilities that you can address to help minimize your risk. …

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automated vs manual penetration testing
Penetration Testing

Automated Vs Manual Penetration Testing Process, When And Why?

Penetration testing, or “pen testing,” is one of the essential parts of information security. Pen testing aims to identify and exploit vulnerabilities …

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manual penetration testing
Penetration Testing

What Is Manual Penetration Testing?

Manual pen testing, also known as “pen testing,” is a process of attacking and breaking into a computer system or network to …

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application security best practices
Application Security

Application Security Best Practices Developers Need To Know

In today’s world, almost everything we do is online. We shop online, bank online, socialize online and even date online. While this …

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