Vumetric's Pentest Partnership Program

We offer various partnership opportunities on our range of specialized penetration testing services. Our experts will work with your organization’s representatives to ensure that your clients’ needs are addressed proactively and adequately.

Meet the Pentesting Needs Of Your Clients

Benefit from our expertise and reach new business opportunities by joining the Vumetric partnership program. Vumetric has over 10 years of experience collaborating with various partners. Our partnership program is helping remove trade barriers and propel our partners’ sales revenue to new levels.

With our expertise and skills, we help maximize your profit margins by positioning and selling our specialized cybersecurity solutions and services to your customers. We are committed to ensuring shared success with all our partners, from identifying initial business opportunities to defining the complex needs of your customers and writing professional quality service offerings.
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Business Opportunities

Unlock new business opportunities by meeting the needs of your clients.


Specialized Expertise

Benefit from our highly specialized expertise based on industry-leading standards.

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Additional Revenues

Our experience in carrying out a wide variety of projects allows us to offer considerable profit margins.

Cybersecurity Account Manager

Project Handoff

Cybersecurity project fully managed by a dedicated account manager, allowing you to focus on your business.

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Once you fill out the form below, an account manager will reach out to provide more details regarding our penetration testing partnership program and how it can help you meet your client’s needs. A formal partnership contract will then be created and provided to you.

After an agreement is signed, you will be provided with a point of contact to send new project requests.
We do not require our partners to meet a specific quota of projects as a condition to maintain partnership. Our program allows you to benefit from our expertise on-demand.
Absolutely! Pentesting is our core business, we perform over 300 yearly penetration testing projects and our renowned expertise places us amongst the most recognized providers in Canada.
The price of a penetration test can vary widely according to several factors. For this reason, there is no established price range for this type of assessment. Each project is tailored to your objectives and your technological environment. Many factors must be determined before the cost can be established.

Here are the main factors that can affect the cost of a penetration test:
  • Scope of the project. (Nb. of targeted IPs, Nb. of features in the app, etc.)
  • Performed in a production or development environment.
  • Type of test. (Network, Application, SCADA, etc.)
  • Testing approach. (Automated or manual approach)
  • Objectives. (Compliance, best practices, etc.)
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Conducting a penetration test with a recognized provider is one of the main requirements requested by third parties for security compliance (partners, insurers, etc.), as well as regulatory compliance requirements (PCI, ISO, SOC, etc.).

Our services will provide evidence, through a technical report and an official attestation, that you conducted a professionnal penetration test with a recognized independent supplier and that successfully mitigated any potential risks.

Our pentest reports have helped organizations across all industries to successfully meet third-party security requirements. (Insurers, partners, providers, etc.)

Pentests Offered to Our Partners

Broaden your offering by providing the following penetration testing services to your clients.


Web Application
Penetration Testing

Webapp, Website, API, SaaS, etc.
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Network Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Internal, External, Firewall, etc.
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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile Application
Penetration Testing

Apple iOS & Android
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Cloud Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

AWS, Azure & Google
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Scada Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

IT/OT, PLC, HMI, etc.
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IoT Penetration Testing

IoT & Smart Devices
Penetration Testing

Retail, Medical, Transport, etc.
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