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IoT Penetration Testing Services

Our IoT penetration testing methodology identifies vulnerabilities within any type of smart device used by organizations today, regardless of the technology stack it was developped with.

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What is IoT Penetration Testing?

IoT penetration testing is a type of assessment designed to identify and fix vulnerabilities that could be exploited in IoT devices by replicating the same techniques used by hackers to breach your smart devices. Given their rapid adoption across all industries, many companies are facing new critical vulnerabilities tied to the specific uses of these devices that are mostly unknown. Our IoT services allow you to fix vulnerabilities present in any types of smart devices, such as:

Healthcare and
medical devices

Smart security systems (locks, cameras, etc.)

Industrial / SCADA
IoT Devices

Electric car
charging station

Our IoT Penetration Testing Services

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the security risks associated with the use and configuration of IoT devices in a variety of contexts that are specific to each type of device. Our IoT penetration tests include IoT mobile applications, cloud APIs, communication protocols, as well as integrated systems and embedded firmware.

Integrated Systems Penetration Testing

Test the security of your integrated systems.

IoT Mobile App
Applications Testing

Test your IoT mobile application's security.

Cloud-Hosted APIs
Penetration Testing

Test the security of your cloud-hosted APIs.

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Communication Systems Testing

Test the security of your communication systems.