Vumetric PTaaS Platform

Vumetric is an industry leader in penetration testing services. Our flawless project management and consistent reporting has long been powered by our own internal testing platform. We’ve now included a client-facing interface to help streamline your projects and remove potential delays in planning / scoping by providing self-service capabilities.

The Modern Way to Conduct Penetration Testing Projects

Our platform is the result of 25 years of penetration testing experience and is designed to remove unnecessary steps in the process (from purchasing, to sharing results, to tracking improvements over time), saving you valuable time to focus on your business:

Simplify Procurement

Self-service features to request and kickoff pentest projects on-demand without onboarding.

Track Real-Time Progress

See the current status and follow the latest activities in your ongoing pentest projects.

Communicate With The Team

Share specific concerns, changes or any relevant information directly with our specialists.

Compare With Past Projects

See how your various assets are improving by comparing previous assessment results.

Invite Colleagues

Create users for your team, manage their access / permissions to launch projects and view results.

Get Notified of Critical Risks

Get immediately notified when critical vulnerabilities are identified to start remediation quickly.


Get All Your Results In One Place

Gain access to an interactive dashboard where your entire team can follow the real-time progress of your pentest projects and visualize their results without the need to share PDF files around. See how your assets are improving over time and identify your most recurring vulnerabilities to empower your organization in better managing risks.

Suited for both management & technical teams.

Take Full Control of Your Project

Get Expert-Driven Recommendations

The Vumetric PtaaS platform is operated by an in-house team of seasoned and certified pentesting specialists. Each vulnerability and security risk has been identified, exploited, documented, measured and peer reviewed by our experts to provide the most accurate representation of your security posture possible. Our recommended security improvements are tailored to your context and supported by external references to help your technical team implement corrective measures efficiently.


Vumetric PTaaS Now Available on Azure and AWS Marketplace

Our PTaaS platform is now accessible for Azure and AWS customers on both Marketplaces. This integration with Azure and AWS enhances compatiblity with your existing cloud infrastructure, making it even more convenient.

By offering our platform on Cloud Marktplaces, we’re aiming to provide a globally accessible, efficient penetration testing solution. Leveraging the power of Azure and AWS allows organizations to improve cybersecurity assessment processes and stay ahead of evolving threats, reflecting Vumetric’s commitment to delivering top-tier security solutions for today’s diverse organizational needs.

Available in AWS

Test d'Intrusion Microsoft Azure

Available in Azure


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Frequently Asked Questions About the Vumetric PTaaS Platform

Discover if penetration testing as-a-service is suited for your organization and how to get started:

What is PTaaS?

PTaaS stands for Penetration Testing as-a-Service. It is a platform that allows businesses of all sizes to schedule and manage penetration testing projects on-demand, performed by a team of pentest specialists.

How does PTaaS work?

PTaaS empowers organizations to launch & manage penetration tests autonomously. Results and statuses are centralized in a web-based interface for a streamlined tracking of security improvements.

What the benefits of using PTaaS?

PTaaS offers several benefits over traditional pentesting, including simplified and faster procurement process, comprehensive and interactive reporting, increased efficiency in tracking and planning improvements, etc.

What types of businesses can benefit from PTaaS?

PTaaS is suited for any time of organization looking to secure their IT systems and applications from cyber threats. From startups, SMEs, Fortune 1000 and government agencies, across any industries.

What kind of testing can be conducted with PTaaS?

Currently, the Vumetric PtaaS platform offers the following services: Internal & External Network Pentest, Web & Mobile Application Pentest, API / Web Service Pentest & Cloud Infrastructure Pentest.

How do I get started with PTaaS?

The process begins by creating an account on the platform and adding the assets you wish to test. Simply request a new project by selecting your target and your type of test. A typical project is delivered within 2 weeks.


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