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Mobile App
Penetration Testing

Identify insecure development practices / exploitable vulnerabilities and get practical solutions to secure your iOS & Android applications .

What is Mobile App Penetration Testing?

A majority of organizations, whether it’s banks or restaurants, now provide mobile apps to their customers on various devices and operating systems. Mobile applications are just as vulnerable to cyberattacks as web applications and hold just as much critical user data. Many developers are becoming well-aware of the risks associated with modern mobile apps and now integrate penetration tests as part of their Devops cycle to ensure that no critical vulnerabilities can be leveraged by attackers once a new feature or critical application is launched.

Our mobile application pentests cover various components specific to mobile apps, such as:

Pentest Target

Authentication architecture

Pentest Target

Network Communication

Pentest Target

Data Storage

Pentest Target

Tampering and Reverse Engineering

Pentest Target

Mobile Application APIs

Pentest Target

Anti-reverse defenses

Our Mobile Application Cybersecurity Assessment Services

Our experts offer specialized mobile application penetration testing based on OWASP standards to identify security vulnerabilities within mobile applications built on various platforms.
Android Penetration Testing

Android Application
Penetration Testing

Source Code Review Services

Source Code

iOS Penetration Testing

iOS Application
Penetration Testing

Our Approach to Mobile App Cyber Assessment

Our approach to mobile application penetration testing includes reviewing how the application reacts against common input attacks, server-side controls, data communication paths and client-related issues.
Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Static Testing

Analyzing Config files: reveals URL, Server credentials, Cryptographic keys, Hard coded passwords
Reverse Engineering: Using reversing tools, Device Binding, Impede Comprehension, Impede Dynamic Analysis and Tampering

IT Pentesting

Dynamic Testing

Input Validation: Injection, Malicious Input acceptance, Command Injection Buffer Overflow, File Upload, Business logic validations, Error handling/ Info Leakage, Session management, Log tampering

Network Pentest

Server-side Testing

Web servers: Directory Traversal, Command injection, Remote code execution, SQL injection, Sensitive file exposure, Web server miss configuration exploitation
API/Web services: authorization, IDOR, Injections and exploits, API business logic bypass API misconfigurations

Our Security Testing Process

Penetration Testing Scope


We work with you to scope the project properly and make sure that your proposal meets your expectations.

Penetration Testing Process


Our specialists simulate the attack methodologies of today's most advanced hackers to identify your vulnerabilities.

Pentest Scoping Requirements


A comprehensive report offering clear and practical advice on how to address each identified vulnerability.

Pentest Report Presentation


The report is presented to your stakeholders to ensure full comprehension of our findings and recommendations.

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OWASP Top 10

Our Mobile Application Penetration Tests integrate the OWASP Top 10 Mobile standards to identify vulnerabilities unique to each application.

The tests are focused on the architecture, the configuration of the mobile hosting environment, the assessment of the legitimacy of the access point, the enumeration of the existing security measures and an evaluation of the best practices in application security.

Our Mobile Application Penetration Tests integrate the OWASP Top 10 Mobile standards to identify vulnerabilities unique to each application.

  • Insecure authentification
  • Insecure authorization
  • Code quality
  • Improper platform usage
  • Reverse engineering
  • Insecure data storage
  • Insecure communication
  • Code tampering
  • Insufficient cryptography
  • Extraneous functionality

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