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Penetration Testing

Our mobile application penetration testing services identify and fix insecure development practices as well as exploitable vulnerabilities in your mobile apps.
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What is Mobile Application Penetration Testing?

Mobile application penetration testing is an assessment designed to identify and address vulnerabilities in mobile apps that could be exploited by hackers. Now that a majority of organizations provide mobile apps to their customers, whether it’s banks or restaurants, many developers are now integrating penetration tests as part of their development cycle to ensure that no critical vulnerabilities can be leveraged by attackers once a new feature is added or critical application is launched.

Our Mobile Application Penetration Testing Services

Our experts offer specialized mobile application penetration testing based on OWASP standards to identify security vulnerabilities within mobile applications built on various platforms.
Android Penetration Testing

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Penetration Testing

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iOS Penetration Testing

iOS Application
Penetration Testing

Our Mobile App Testing Methodology

Our approach to mobile application penetration testing includes a review of how the application reacts against common input attacks, server-side controls, data communication paths, and client-related issues. Our methodology is based on manual techniques and goes beyond a typical scan, allowing you to identify complex business logic flaws. Learn more about the difference between manual and automated application testing.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Static Testing

Analyzing Config files: Reveals URL, Server credentials, Cryptographic keys, Hard coded passwords
Reverse Engineering: Using reversing tools, Device Binding, Impede Comprehension, Impede Dynamic Analysis and Tampering

Penetration Testing

Dynamic Testing

Input Validation: Injection, Malicious Input acceptance, Command Injection Buffer Overflow, File Upload, Business logic validations, Error handling/Info Leakage, Session management, Log tampering

Network Pentest

Server-side Testing

Web servers: Directory Traversal, Command injection, Remote code execution, SQL injection, Sensitive file exposure, Web server miss configuration exploitation
API/Web services: Authorization, IDOR, Injections, and exploits, API business logic bypass API misconfigurations

Professional Reports With Actionable Recommendations

Get prioritized steps to fix any identified security gaps, from critical to low-risk vulnerabilities.

Executive summary presenting the main findings, recommendations and risk management implications in a clear non-technical language.

List of all identified vulnerabilities prioritized by risk level, according to potential impact and ease of exploitation by an attacker.

Technical details required to properly understand and replicate each vulnerability (e.g.: screenshots, HTTP requests/responses, etc.). Recommendations to mitigate and fix the identified vulnerabilities

At the end of the project, you will be provided with an attestation certifying that penetration tests have been performed by experienced professionals using recognized methodologies and standards. This document will allow you to meet compliance and regulatory reporting requirements efficiently and with minimal overhead.

Penetration Testing Report

Worried By Your Mobile App's Security?

OWASP Mobile Top 10

Our vulnerability tests integrate the OWASP Mobile Top 10 standards to identify vulnerabilities unique to each application. Our tests are focused on the architecture, the hosting environment, the security measures in place and an evaluation of the best practices in application security.
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Any Questions Regarding Penetration Testing?

Cybersecurity is essential to any business, but it remains a complex subject and choosing a good provider can be challenging. For this reason, we have put together a FAQ that answers the most frequently asked questions, such as:

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