Cisco fixes highly critical vulnerabilities in IOS XE Software

Cisco has patched three critical vulnerabilities affecting components in its IOS XE internetworking operating system powering routers and wireless controllers, or products running with a specific configuration.

The worst of the flaws received the highest severity rating, 10 out of 10; it affects the Cisco Catalyst 9000 Family Wireless Controllers that includes the enterprise-class Catalyst 9800-CL Wireless Controllers for Cloud.

The security issues are part of Cisco’s updates for September 2021 and the full list of fixes counts 31 bugs, with more than a dozen of them being rated with a high-severity score or worse.

At the top of the list in terms of severity is CVE-2021-34770, a vulnerability that could be exploited remotely by an unauthenticated attacker to run arbitrary code with root privileges, a Cisco advisory informs.

Caused by insufficient bounds checking, it is in the vDaemon process in Cisco IOS XE SD-WAN Software, Cisco notes.

Last on the list of critical bugs that Cisco patched this month is CVE-2021-1619, a security issue in the authentication, authorization, and accounting function of Cisco IOS XE software.

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