Exploit code released for three iOS 0-days that Apple failed to patch

Proof-of-concept exploit code for three iOS zero-day vulnerabilities was published on GitHub after Apple delayed patching and failed to credit the researcher.

The researcher who found the four zero-days reported them to Apple between March 10 and May 4.

“Due to a processing issue, your credit will be included on the security advisories in an upcoming update. We apologize for the inconvenience,” Apple told him when asked why the list of fixed iOS security bugs didn’t include his zero-day.

Apple did not reply to BleepingComputer’s email to validate any of the researcher’s claims.

Software engineer Kosta Eleftheriou confirmed that the app designed to exploit Gamed zero-day and harvest sensitive user information works on iOS 15.0, the latest iOS version.

“All this information is being collected by Apple for unknown purposes, which is quite disturbing, especially the fact that medical information is being collected,” the researcher said, referring to the analyticsd zero-day silently patched in iOS 14.7.

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