Harden device security

Device Security Services

Protect consumer, commercial, and industrial devices with specialized security reviews including binary and protocol analysis, reverse engineering, fuzzing, and more.

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Test Your Smart Device's Security
& Secure Connected Objects

Your network security should combine multiple layers of defense, both at the edges and within the network. Each network security layer implements policies and controls that manages which authorized users can gain access to  network resources. Malicious actors need to be blocked from carrying out exploits and threats at every level to protect your assets from unauthorized access. Our services will allow you to get insight into how skilled adversaries could establish network access and put sensitive systems and data at risk.
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Device Security Services

Our device security services leverage the OWASP's IoT Top 10 methodology and manual techniques to systematically uncover security risks that may lead to unauthorized access of sensitive data or misuse of critical features. Our assessments cover the hardware, data storage, network / communication components, APIs and application interfaces, hosting infrastructure, etc.


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