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Penetration Testing

Our network penetration tests identify and fix vulnerabilities within your infrastructure to protect your company from cyberattacks.

What is Network Penetration Testing?

Network penetration testing is a type of assessment that identifies vulnerabilities within network infrastructures, systems and devices. Network pentests can be performed from two different perspectives, targeting public networks accessible from the internet or internal corporate networks. Conducting network penetration tests is required by various standards for regulatory compliance, such as PCI-DSS, ISO27001 and SOC 1 / SOC 2.

Inadequate security controls

Insecure configuration parameters

Weak encryption protocols

Used software vulnerabilities

Ineffective firewall rules & policies

Unpatched systems and devices

Our Network Penetration Testing Services

Our approach to network penetration testing goes beyond a simple vulnerability scan, which helps identify vulnerabilities and more complex scenarios of exploitation that are impossible to detect with automated tools.
Network Penetration Testing


Internal Network Penetration Testing

Internal Network
Penetration Testing

External Network Penetration Testing

External Network
Penetration Testing

Firewall Audit


IT OT Penetration Testing

Red Team

Dark Web Audit

Dark Web

Our Network Penetration Testing Process

Pentest Scoping Requirements

1. Requirements

A specialist will reach out to determine the components that will be targeted. (Domain names, specific IP addresses, internal servers, firewalls, etc.)

Network Pentest

2. Information

Our specialists will collect as much information as possible about the target components in order to plan the tests. (Web Host, Known Leaks of Authentication Data, etc.)

Vulnerability scan

3. Vulnerability

Tests meant to acquire advanced technical information to examine potential attack scenarios. (Open ports, services used, inadequate configurations, etc.)

Pentest Target

4. Intrusion & Exploitation

We will attempt to intrude and exploit the vulnerabilities while ensuring the integrity of your systems and limiting the potential impact on your operations.

Penetration Testing Report

5. Report

A comprehensive report offering clear and practical advice on how to address each identified vulnerability to comply with industry standards.

Pentest Report Presentation

6. Report

The report is presented to your stakeholders to ensure full comprehension of our findings. A re-test may be performed to ensure successful remediation.

Why Your Organization Needs a Network Penetration Test

With threats constantly evolving, it’s recommended that every organization performs network penetration tests at least once a year or in the following contexts:
Vulnerability Risk Level in a Pentest Report

We Provide Actionable Reports

Our reports contain actionable recommendations adapted to your business, including the following:


Penetration Testing Report

Risk Level



Download as Image

Evidence of their


Looking for a Network Penetration Test?

Frequently Asked Questions
About Network Penetration Testing

Do you have more questions?   Read our FAQ →

The price of a penetration test can vary widely according to several factors. For this reason, there is no established price range for this type of assessment. Each project is tailored to your objectives and your technological environment. Many factors must be determined before the cost can be established.

Here are the main factors that can affect the cost of a penetration test:
  • Scope of the project. (Nb. of targeted IPs, Nb. of features in the app, etc.)
  • Performed in a production or development environment.
  • Type of test. (Network, Application, SCADA, etc.)
  • Testing approach. (Automated or manual approach)
  • Objectives. (Compliance, best practices, etc.)
Learn more about the main factors that determine the cost of a penetration test →
A network pentest is a type of hacking simulation designed to identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities that could be used to compromise sensitive data, gain access to critical systems or even to hijack administrative permissions. Network penetration testing can also target perimeter security controls as well as network devices such as routers and switches.
External penetration testing is performed remotely from the internet, targeting publicly accessible systems such as the network used by your website.

Internal penetration testing, on the other hand, is performed with access to a company’s internal network. It targets systems only accessible internally.

Learn more about the difference between internal and external penetration testing →
Our penetration test includes a detailed report including all vulnerabilities discovered, the level of risk each vulnerability posed, the difficulty of exploitation and each respective recommended measure.
The information needed to scope a network penetration test is dependent upon whether the assessment is internal or external. Information typically needed to scope network projects includes the total quantity of internal IPs and external IPs to be tested, subnets, and the number of physical locations.
Most of our internal penetration tests are conducted remotely using your infrastructure and technologies in place, such as VPNs or remote desktop solutions. We can also provide various in-house solutions, such as our Vumetric teleporter device, designed to test internal networks.

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