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Phishing Test Campaign

Secure your company from social engineering attacks by testing the awareness of your employees in regards to phishing attempts.
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What is Phishing?

Phishing is a type of social engineering attack generally delivered in the form of a fraudulent email campaign attempting to convince its recipient to perform a given action. For instance, it may invite the user to download a malicious email attachment or to submit sensitive information in a web page that replicates a trusted source. One of its variant, known as spear-phishing, is highly targeted and typically addressed at a specific individual or a subset of employees. Phishing is one of the primary vectors used by hackers and has resulted in some of the biggest cyberattacks in history.
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How Does a Phishing Test Help Your Company?

A phishing test replicates a real social engineering attack in order to determine which employees are the most susceptible, allowing you to offer adapted training. Our services will help you answer the following questions:
Blue Shield

Help Your Staff Respond to Phishing Attempts

Our services are designed to thoroughly assess the ability of your employees to detect and respond to convincing phishing email scenarios.
Phishing Test

Measure the awareness of your staff

Cybersecurity Audit

Find out what could happen if your company was actively targeted

cybersecurity consulting

Educate your staff to better identify phishing attempts

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