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Secure your company from social engineering attacks by testing the awareness of your employees and offering adapted training.

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What is a Phishing Test?

A phishing test replicates a real-world social engineering attack delivered in the form of a fraudulent email campaign to measure the cybersecurity awareness of an organization’s staff. For instance, it may invite the user to download a malicious email attachment or to submit sensitive information on a web page that replicates a trusted source. Our phishing campaign services allow organizations to identify employees more susceptible to falling for phishing in order to offer tailored training to those who represent a greater risk for the organization. Phishing is one of the primary vectors used by hackers and has resulted in some of the biggest cyberattacks in history.

Help Your Staff Respond to Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and it’s essential that your team knows how to identify a potential scam. Our phishing tests are designed to assess your employees’ ability to detect and respond to convincing phishing attacks. By simulating a real-world scenario, you can see how your team would react and identify any areas where they may need additional training. These tests can be invaluable in protecting your business from a costly cyberattack.
phishing test

Measure the awareness
of your staff

api security testing

Find out what could happen if your company was targeted

Educate your staff to better identify phishing attempts


How Does a Phishing Test Help You?

Phishing tests are an essential part of cybersecurity awareness and can help to identify vulnerabilities in your company’s email security. Simulating phishing attacks can help to prevent a major data breach and protect your company’s reputation.

A phishing test replicates a real social engineering attack in order to determine which employees are the most susceptible, allowing you to offer adapted training. Our services will help you answer the following questions:

Which employees need further cybersecurity awareness training?

What would have happened if a real phishing attempt occurred?

How does your organization compare to others?

Which red flags did your employees miss?

How can you prevent phishing attacks?

Need Help To Assess And Improve Your Cybersecurity?

Professional Reporting With Clear & Actionable Results

Our penetration reports deliver more than a simple export from a security tool. Each vulnerability is exploited, measured and documented by an experienced specialist to ensure you fully understand its business impact.

Each element of the report provides concise and relevant information that contributes significantly towards improving your security posture and meeting compliance requirements:

Executive Summary

High level overview of your security posture, recommendations and risk management implications in a clear, non-technical language.
Suited for non-technical stakeholders.

Vulnerabilities & Recommendations

Vulnerabilities prioritized by risk level, including technical evidence (screenshots, requests, etc.) and recommendations to fix each vulnerability.
Suited for your technical team.


This document will allow you to meet compliance and regulatory reporting requirements efficiently and with minimal overhead.
Suited for third-parties (clients, auditors, etc).

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Our ISO9001-certified penetration testing services are trusted by more than 400 organizations every year, including SMEs, Fortune 1000 and government agencies.

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Vumetric, Leader in Phishing Test

Vumetric is a leading cybersecurity company dedicated to providing comprehensive penetration testing services for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on delivering consistent and high-quality services, backed by our ISO9001 certified processes and top industry standards.

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